• Fluted Ash platter

    Ash platter



    This Ash platter is 33cm in diameter and the rim has been fluted. This is my second attempt at fluting a turning and I am pleased with the result. It is finished with satin acrylic lacquer.

  • Almond bowl with knots



    This was an unusual piece of Almond in that it is a normal cross grain bowl but it knots in the side of it. It was also a little soft in places where the branches joined the main piece of wood. Some of the soft section filled with CA glue and brass dust. Turned in the form of a Japanese rice bowl about 14cm in diameter and 15cm high. Finished with satin lacquer and buffed.

  • Triangular box with lid and finial

    triangular box
    Triangular box in Beech with lid of Pau Rojo and Ebony finial.

    This is a triangular box made from Beech with a Pau Rojo lid and an Ebony finial. It is 20cm in diameter and 18cm tall overall. Finished in Danish oil.

  • Almond Natural Edge Knee bowl/platter

    I part turned this knee of an Almond tree some years ago but never finished it to completion. I saw it sitting on the shelf and decided to finish it. It was a bit soft in places and over the years it had developed a couple of small cracks. I filled the cracks with mix of superglue and brass dust. I sanded it and finished it with satin lacquer and gave it a light buffing. At its widest it is 24cm by 17cm and is 5mm thick.

    Almond knee bowl / platter
    Almond knee bowl / platter with brass accents