• Stained Beech octagonal bowl

    This is a 20cm in diameter octagonal beech bowl that is about 3mm in thickness. The inside of the bowl is stained with blue spirit stain. It is finished with satin acrylic lacquer. It was intended to be a square bowl when I started  but a design opportunity arose when one of the wings was too thin and so I cut the four corners off  and turned it into an unequal octagon.

    Octagonal stained beech bowl
  • Oak heart dish

    Oak heart dishThis is a shallow oak dish 20cm by 20cm and it is coloured with red spirit stain and finished with wax. Made as a present for my wife for Valentines day next month.

  • Christmas tree


    This Christmas tree stands about 30cm tall with a base made from Bubinga. Mounted in the base is a small battery pack used to power the LED lights in the opaque plastic tree. The tree is made on a 3D printer and is 1mm thick, it replaces the original opaque glass tree that broke whist I was fixing it to the base.

  • Sea urchin shell ornament




    This is one of several sea urchin shell ornaments that I have made. The shells are 4-5cm in diameter and I have used various woods for the finials. This example is in Olive.

  • Carob oblong natural edge bowl

    This natural edged bowl is made from a piece of Carob, unfortunately a lot of the colour was lost in the turning. It is 21cm by 14cm and finished in gloss acrylic lacquer.

  • Burr clock


    Another clock this time made from a piece of unknown burr. It is on a Bubinga stand and is about 25cm by 25cm and finished in satin acrylic lacquer.

  • Olive crotch ornament

    Olive crotch ornament


    This piece of Olive is from the crotch of a tree that was cut down about 20 years ago. The piece of wood was left lying on the ground for most of this time. The bark has all fallen off and the wood was attacked by woodworm (all now dead). I was given this piece by a friend and decided to see what I could do with it. It is cracked and has voids. It is 35cm by 22cm by 14cm finished with acrylic lacquer and is intended solely as an ornamental piece.

  • Brown Mallee burr hanging wall clock

    Mallee burr clock


    This is not really a turning but I had this interesting slice of brown Mallee burr after truing up a larger piece for turning. I decided to turn it into a wall hanging clock. It is about 32cm tall and 17cm wide and finished in gloss acrylic lacquer.

    I have sold this clock and the owner sent me this photo of it hanging over her fireplace.

  • Fluted Ash platter

    Ash platter



    This Ash platter is 33cm in diameter and the rim has been fluted. This is my second attempt at fluting a turning and I am pleased with the result. It is finished with satin acrylic lacquer.

  • Almond bowl with knots



    This was an unusual piece of Almond in that it is a normal cross grain bowl but it knots in the side of it. It was also a little soft in places where the branches joined the main piece of wood. Some of the soft section filled with CA glue and brass dust. Turned in the form of a Japanese rice bowl about 14cm in diameter and 15cm high. Finished with satin lacquer and buffed.