• Almond natural edge bowl

    This natural edged Almond bowl is 18cm in diameter. There were some cracks and worm holes in this piece of wood which I filled with green glitter epoxy resin. Even though I glued the bark on with some CA glue part of it became detached during turning, as a result, I removed the remainder of the bark. I then scorched the edge where I had removed the bark. The bowl is finished in satin lacquer and then buffed with wax.

    Almond NE bowl

  • Laser engraved Beech bowl

    This is a small, 15cm in diameter, Beech bowl finished in satin lacquer and then buffed and waxed. It was put onto the Rose Engine when complete and with a 16 bump rosette I used the laser engraver to burn three lines 2mm apart around the rim. The laser made two passes to engrave the lines a little deeper.

  • Bubinga box

    This Bubinga box is 70mm tall and 70mm in diameter. The rim of the lid and the base of the box are scalloped on my Rose Engine lathe after turning on a conventional lathe. The lid was engraved with a “puffy” pentagon rosette and double bumper to a depth of 1.2mm on my Rose Engine lathe. Finished with buffed satin lacquer.

  • Bubinga box

    This Bubinga box is 9cm tall and 7.5cm in diameter. Once I had finished turning it I put it on my Rose Engine lathe and decorated the top of the lid and the inside of the lid. This box is the first piece that I have embellished on the Rose Engine and I need to do some more practice. However, it has been given to Jeff who helped me make the Rose Engine.

    Bubinga box
    Bubinga box
  • Laser engraving

    I have recently built a Rose Engine lathe as detailed in this page and one of the options that I built into it was the ability to use the laser engraving attachment from my 3D printer. I mounted the laser on the bracket that normally holds the Dremel cutter with the magnets that come with the laser attachment.

    Laser mount

    I cut a small piece of end grain Sycamore and mounted this on the rose engine. Using one of the rosettes I burnt this pattern into the wood. The centre flower is burnt with the laser one side of centre along with the next outer shape. The outer two shapes were burnt using the laser the other side of centre.

    Burnt pattern
    Burnt pattern
  • Some more gnomes

    These gnomes are quick and fun to make. The first has a spalted beech body padauk hat and ebony nose. The second has a cherry body, acacia natural edge hat and a walnut nose. The first is currently available the second is sold.

  • Three gnomes

    These gnomes are made in various woods and stand about 11cm high. These all went to my family but I do have others in stock should anyone want some.

    Wooden gnomes
  • Stained Beech octagonal bowl

    This is a 20cm in diameter octagonal beech bowl that is about 3mm in thickness. The inside of the bowl is stained with blue spirit stain. It is finished with satin acrylic lacquer. It was intended to be a square bowl when I started  but a design opportunity arose when one of the wings was too thin and so I cut the four corners off  and turned it into an unequal octagon.

    Octagonal stained beech bowl
  • Oak heart dish

    Oak heart dishThis is a shallow oak dish 20cm by 20cm and it is coloured with red spirit stain and finished with wax. Made as a present for my wife for Valentines day next month.

  • Christmas tree


    This Christmas tree stands about 30cm tall with a base made from Bubinga. Mounted in the base is a small battery pack used to power the LED lights in the opaque plastic tree. The tree is made on a 3D printer and is 1mm thick, it replaces the original opaque glass tree that broke whist I was fixing it to the base.